Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting 2018

This week is the gathering of 53 Commonwealth Heads of Government in London with the theme “Towards a Common Future”.


Investitures are honours that HM The Queen, or a member of the Royal Family bestow upon a chosen member of the public.

Royal Brothers: TRH Prince William & Prince Harry

These men are the children of HRH Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Children of HM The Queen

HM The Queen & HRH Prince Philip have four children.

HRH Prince Charles & HM The Queen

HRH Prince Charles

Prince Charles is the first son of Queen Elizabeth II and therefore the heir apparent. A Prince-In-Waiting.

The Security of the Royal Family

Why does the Royal family have body guards, security staff and an increased police presence when they are out and about?

Praying for the Royal Family

I believe that prayer makes a difference in this world. HM Queen Elizabeth as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Head of the State, Head of the Nation, and Commonwealth Realms others too.