Supreme Governor of the Church of England

As the Sovereign, HM Queen Elizabeth is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England-a role that has been established for many centuries.

HM The Queen appoints Archbishops, Bishops and Deans of Cathedrals in England on the advice of the Prime Minister. These appointed clergy, men and women, then swear an oath of allegiance to HM The Queen. 

The General Synod meets in February in Westminster and in July in York, for up to five days each time. It meets to debate church business and discuss relations with other churches, and other matters. Every five years, the Diocesan Elections are held at the General Synod. Since 1970, Her Majesty has inaugurated and addressed the opening session after the elections. The next elections are due in 2020. Any legislation on Church of England matters must have Royal Assent which HM The Queen grants.

Several Royal Chaplains are also appointed from The Church of England to serve Her Majesty and her Household.

Listen to Her Majesty’s Speech at the General Synod in 2015:

Learn more about the Church of England:


‘…for the gracious hand of his God was on him. This was because Ezra had determined to study and obey the Law of the Lord and to teach those decrees and regulations to the people of Israel’. Ezra 7:9-10

Father God, I want to thank you for HM Queen Elizabeth’s role in the Church of England. Thank you for her leadership and her personal Christian faith. Thank you that she demonstrates a great example of integrity, leadership and dignity which encourages and inspires the leaders of the Church Of England. Thank you for her presence and encouragement in the General Synod meetings she has attended over the years.

I pray that as she communicates with the leaders of the Church Of England, that their conversations would be about matters of faith relating to the communities in which they serve. Give the clergy members a big heart for the people and communities, with discernment to know how to minister to them in a meaningful way.

I pray, that like Ezra the priest, the Church of England clergy would be those determined to study and obey your word. I pray that they would be faithful to serve the people you have allotted them. May they know that although HM The Queen is over them in their structure, that You, Almighty God, are the one who gives this authority to them, through her reign. I pray that they would be your humble servants, just as HM Queen Elizabeth demonstrates to us.

As Her Majesty reads over the Church of England papers before granting them the Royal Assent, give her understanding. With her enquiring mind, may she know what questions to ask, and any matters to be considered for the good of the whole church, especially in difficult topics. May You grant her peace. Oh Lord, continue to rule this nation of Yours.

In Your name, I ask,

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