Larger group prayers

Church size

The majority of churches hold a variety of prayer meetings to encourage and inspire prayer.

If your church has a National or country focus, due to national events or celebrations, the leadership of the country may be a matter to pray for. Those who govern over us needs our continued prayers and support. When it comes the country’s leadership, our thoughts more often go towards the Prime Minister and the government. However, it is important to remember that HM The Queen gives her Royal assent (approval) to all the legislature that is passed in the Houses of Parliament.  As leaders in our nation, we must not forget to pray for the Royal family and the national responsibilities they hold.

Some churches include prayers for Her Majesty and the Royal family in their corporate times of prayer on a Sunday or other times of the week.

Some suggestions

Perhaps your church has a day of prayer when there is a time to pray for the nation. Or perhaps you have an international focus, and Great Britain is a small part of the bigger picture of the world. Here are a few suggestions as to how the Royal prayer posts could be used:

  • Use one or two posts to pray together corporately, all together with one person leading the gathering.
  • Pray at the same time, but break up into small groups, with one or more posts to focus prayers for the Royal family.
  • Position a few ‘stations’ for people to wander to individually to pray for different aspects of Her Majesty’s responsibilities, Mark each station with a different role, responsibility or relationship.
24hr or 24/7 Prayer Meetings

If your church holds prayer events or times that are more ‘informal’, could there be an area where HM The Queen and the Royal Family are prayed for? This could be through a combination of photos and posts to prompts prayer for them.

Visuals for this type of creative prayer could include:

  • A crown of some kind
  • Royal related books
  • A map showing the Commonwealth Realms
  • Royal Family tree