HM The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast

Every Christmas day, Her Majesty broadcasts a personal message to the nation and the Commonwealth nations.

Platinum Wedding Anniversary

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, & HRH Prince Philip today celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary.

HRH Prince Charles & HM The Queen

HRH Prince Charles

Prince Charles is the first son of Queen Elizabeth II and therefore the heir apparent. A Prince-In-Waiting.

HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

HRH Prince Philip is the husband and Consort of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning Monarch of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

HM The Queen & Religious Leaders of Other Faiths

As Head of the State and Nation of Great Britain and countries in the Commonwealth, HM The Queen acknowledges and celebrates religious diversity.

Honorary Chaplains to the Sovereign

HM The Queen has just over 30 Honorary Chaplains to the Sovereign who are part of the Ecclesiastical Household, and part of the Royal Household

The Commonwealth Games and HM The Queen

The Commonwealth Games are held every 4 years and due at The Gold Coast in Australia in April 2018.

Head of State of 15 Commonwealth Realms

HM The Queen, is not only Sovereign of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but additionally Head of State of 15 other commonwealth countries. These are called ‘Commonwealth Realms’.