Head of the Nation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

As head of our nation, HM Queen Elizabeth is looked to as a focus of national identity and unity.

Her Majesty instils a sense of pride for the nation and those in the Commonwealth as she honours those who have attained outstanding achievements around the country through the giving of awards, known as investitures. She encourages the nation to strive for excellence, especially relating to serving others.

HM The Queen exemplifies this in her attitude towards wanting to meet people on her walkabouts.

As Head of the Nation, her role is also to represent the nation’s mood, such as at Remembrance Day, or in a time of war. HM The Queen is also a stabilising force when governments and Prime Minister change.

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Let us Pray:

‘By justice, a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down.’ Proverbs 29:4

‘Wise words bring many benefits, and hard work brings rewards.’ Proverbs 12:14’

We want to thank you for the years HM The Queen as served in this role as Head of the British nation. As a nation, we are honoured to have her – a Queen who serves us and is full of character and humility. We thank you that HM The Queen adds stability to the country through her long historic reign. Thank you that although she has seen Prime Ministers come and go, she has and is faithful to supporting and communicating with each one. We pray that this will continue to be the case for our country.

May HM Queen Elizabeth know how to represent the nation’s mood at difficult and uncertain times in our nation. We think of the changes that Brexit will bring to our nation, and wonder how Her Majesty will talk of it in her Christmas broadcast this year. Thank you that she leads the nation to honour those who have fought for the freedom we have as a nation at Remembrance Sunday and other marked occasions. This solemn occasion reminds us that wars have been fought and freedom has been costly to those who have lost their lives, and their families.

Thank you that HM Queen Elizabeth is interested in each and every person who she has met, and has been spoken or written to. Outwardly she never tires of conversation. Give her an enduring strength when she becomes weary. Thank you that the investitures the Royal family bestow are honours that demonstrate her benevolent heart, inspiring and commending the work and service many each year in this nation. It is noble to see that she encourages excellence and ingenuity in the country, and has honoured developments in many areas. As other members of the Royal Family encourage this also, we pray that they will continue this generous spirit which she has fostered over the years.

You have blessed our nation beyond what it can understand because of HM The Queen’s leadership. We stand in awe of your love and grace poured out towards this nation in this way. May this continue to be the case for many years. Pour out your blessing on our nation, and the people within the Royal House of Windsor today we ask.

In Jesus’ name,

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