Head of State of 15 Commonwealth Realms

HM The Queen, is not only Sovereign of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but additionally Head of State of 15 other commonwealth countries. These are called ‘Commonwealth Realms’.

HM Queen Elizabeth’s role in these 15 commonwealth countries as the Monarch and Head of State – another important leadership role.

Visit: royal.uk   and search for Commonwealth to find more about this.

Let’s pray:

‘And here I [Solomon] am in the midst of your own chosen people, a nation so great and numerous they cannot be counted! Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong. For who by himself is able to govern this great people of yours?”’ 1 Kings 3: 8-9 NLT

Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you that HM The Queen has such a wide variety of countries to be the Monarch and Head of State. Please give her wisdom and good communication with the heads of these Commonwealth Realms.

Advise her as to know the right timing and itinerary of visits to these countries. Suggest to her who is the right Royal representative to do this if she is unable to go. We pray that these visits will encourage the respective country’s leadership, the people of that nation and The Queen as she hears stories of the visits.

Thank you for The Queen’s insight and the links that exist between Great Britain and these countries because of her role. Continue to help Her Majesty to be a great leader and witness of You and her faith. As business is conducted, and international links fostered and strengthened, may there be stable agreements beneficial to all.

As The Queen reads her State papers which are delivered to her office each day, give her understanding, marking out matters that need attention and questions. She has gleaned so much information over the years related to the countries, their leaders, along with facts and figures related to them. We thank you Lord, for her mind which has attention to detail.

As she talks to her heirs about these particular nations, may some of her wisdom and understanding be passed on to the next generation. Lord, we can’t see what the future will hold when The Queen dies, but we know that you do. We are so grateful that these Commonwealth Realms belong ultimately to you. Lead those who oversee them, especially The Queen, we ask.

In the Psalms it says:

‘The Lord watches over you – the Lord is your shade at your right hand’. Psalm 121:5

Lord, watch over Her Majesty, The Queen, as the Head of State in these Commonwealth Realms. Be her shade and her guide as she watches, prays, listens to leaders and communicates with them.

In Jesus’ name,

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