Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting 2018

This week is the gathering of 53 Commonwealth Heads of Government in London with the theme “Towards a Common Future”.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Commonwealth. This has been the case since her 21st birthday. The Commonwealth is a remarkable international organisation which spans continents, nationalities, languages & histories and remains very important to her and the Royal Family.

Every two years, we see the remarkable sight of the congregation of a large number of leaders & Royals all in one location. It is an event that has been planned for the last two years because its logistics and the security arrangements are remarkably complex; it lasts one week.

There are various forums, discussions, speeches, dinners along with plenty of small-sized and individual meetings too. Each Head of Government who attends will have a private meeting with HM The Queen or a member of her Royal Family.

For more information and the schedule of events please visit the CHOGM2018 website for this.

Let’s pray:

‘Jehoshaphat [the king] stood before the community of Judah and Jerusalem in front of the new courtyard at the Temple of the Lord. He prayed, “O Lord, God of our ancestors, you alone are the God who is in heaven. You are ruler of all the kingdoms of the earth. You are powerful and mighty; no one can stand against you!’ 2 Chronicles 20:5-7 NLT

‘Most of all, I’m writing to encourage you to pray with gratitude to God. Pray for all men with all forms of prayers and requests as you intercede with intense passion. And pray for every political leader and representative, so that we would be able to live tranquil, undisturbed lives, as we worship the awe-inspiring God with pure hearts. It is pleasing to our Saviour-God to pray for them…. Therefore, I encourage the men to pray on every occasion with hands lifted to God in worship with clean hearts, free from frustration or strife.’ 1 Timothy 2:1-3, 8 TPT

We thank you, God, that you are the Ruler of all rulers, King above all kings and queens. Your majesty, beauty, and wisdom surpass that of any ruler or authority here on earth. You are matchless beyond words and understanding. We are so thankful and grateful God.  We pray that all the leaders and authorities on earth will acknowledge this and ask for your unending wisdom and insight as they rule over those they oversee. Grant the Heads of Government a strong vision to enthuse, a passion that inspires, and a righteousness that reigns honesty and justly in the land they have been given.

Thank you, God, for the leaders of our respective nations. Today we pray particularly for the Heads of Government of all the 53 Commonwealth nations. We thank you that they have an opportunity to come together to discuss matters, find solutions, support and collaborate with other nations and leaders.

Gracious God, we ask that during this intense week, each Head of Government, or their representative, will be encouraged and strengthened through their meetings. Surprise them with how discussing matters and listening intently can strengthen and encourage the common bonds they have within the Commonwealth. Mark the 2018 gathering as one they will remember because of working towards a ‘Common Future’. Bring a greater understanding between nations and their leaders as this topic is discussed.

Being a leader, especially as a Head of Government, can be a lonely place to be. So, we ask that during this week the leaders who are tired and weary and in need of encouragement would be spurred on, listened to and heard by other leaders. We pray for private moments when honesty can be spoken in how they lead and govern in tough times. Provide rest at the end of the day, along with adequate time to prepare themselves for the following day.

We pray for the meetings that the Heads of Government will have with HM The Queen or a member of the Royal family. Guide the conversations they have in the short amount of time they have together. Guard the time they have together to speak of what is important. Incline the ear of the Royal family member to listen deeply, ask meaningful questions to clarify and understand the words, sentiment, and meaning of what is said.

We thank you for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, as the Head of the Commonwealth. Her leadership has encouraged, inspired and proved to be remarkable over so many years. We pray that you would sustain her in a busy week of engagements related to the Commonwealth. We thank you that she can be ‘at home’ in Windsor for this week of engagements.

This week, as Heads of Government discuss the future headship of the Commonwealth, we pray for The Queen, but also for HRH Prince Charles. This position is not given automatically but needs the vote of all those in the Commonwealth. There are potential differing opinions as to who it should be given to, so we ask Lord, for your hand to be upon the discussions. Grace each leader with wisdom in how to say what is necessary and silence the words that are irrelevant. For the outcome and the way it is reported to the world, we pray for wisdom and respect to all involved in the process.

Lastly, Lord, we ask for the safety of all who are attending the CHOGM 2018. We pray for the security and Metropolitan Police in the city as they patrol, assist, protect and observe the comings and goings around these meetings. May discretion lead their eyes, feet and minds as they work to ensure the safety of all.

In your name, Jesus, we ask these many things,

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